Chimi Mild

Our Mild Chimi suits every palate. It balances natural sweetness and freshness with a just little kick of heat in every bite. This fresh flavoured sauce is the ideal choice for low-heat seekers.
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Try the full range of El Chori Chimi with our Variety Box!

If you’re not quite sure which flavour to get, or if you are looking for a gift of flavour, then the Chimi Mixed Variety Box is the perfect solution.

Each box contains 1 of each of the flavours (3 in total) and is available in either small or large box sizes. (3 small or 3 large). Time to tuck in, amigo.

Chimi Mild Reviews

Such a great product. It turns a simple sausage sanga into a gourmet meal and works great with so many other BBQ options. Will keep a jar or two of these in our fridge from now on for sure.

Ben B.

Chimi Mild Recipes

Crispy skin salmon paired with velvety cauliflower puree, topped with our bold smokey red chimichurri sauce, is sure to impress.
This classic snack goes to the next level when you dab a little Chimi on top. The creaminess of the avo is complemented perfectly by the spice and zest of the chimi.