Chimi Hot

Loaded with the same iconic flavour, our Hot Chimi also packs a punch of heat thanks to fresh chili and jalapeno. The careful combination of freshness and spice delivers a tangy, zesty sauce that will immediately take any dish from bland to grand.
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Try the full range of El Chori Chimi with our Variety Box!

If you’re not quite sure which flavour to get, or if you are looking for a gift of flavour, then the Chimi Mixed Variety Box is the perfect solution.

Each box contains 1 of each of the flavours (3 in total) and is available in either small or large box sizes. (3 small or 3 large). Time to tuck in, amigo.

Chimi Hot Reviews

Excited to share my new favourite breakfast! Scrambled eggs and spinach with some CHIMI! So easy! So good!!

Matt F.

Chimi Hot Recipes

Soft breakfast style tacos cooked on the BBQ, served with egg, red onion, feta, fresh lime and El Chori Chimichurri Sauce.
The fusion of our smoky red chimichurri sauce with fresh yogurt combines perfectly with the tender chicken skewers, leaving you wanting more.
Chimi and pasta is a match made in heaven. Simply mix some Chimi through your choice of pasta, add parmesan and buon appetito!
Get ready to experience the authentic flavours of an Argentinian Asado with this simple recipe for grilling a Beef Tenderloin (Lomo)